Let him

Fourteeen years have elapsed since the day that Nijinsky’s mind became shrouded in darkness, when he withdrew from this world(…)

He is day-dreaming unceasingly, but without the loss of his memory. He know he is Nijinksy, and he knows his family and is aware of his surroundings. He is mute for days, for weeks, for months. He is docile, obedient, patient and indifferent, neat and orderly as ever. His physicians and nurses adore him. His charm is still present. (…) Professors Bleuler, Wagner Jauregg, Kreplin, Ferenczy, Freud, Jung, were consulted(…) “Let him dream his dreams”, they all advised.

(…)After tremendous difficulties, Lenin was asked, by a signed petition of the attending physicians, to let Bronia and Vaslav’s mother leave Russia and join him. We hoped the shock of meeting them again might help. The request was refused, but my sister-in-law, who was finally advised of what happened, managed to dance herself through to the border, and to come to us with Vaslav’s mother. But Vaslav remained impassive at the sight ot them. It is only when Kyra (his daughter) comes that he smiles and says: “Attention à l’enfant.”

“Nijinksy”. Romola Nijinska (esposa)



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